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A complete range of innovative podiatry products incorporating medical grade polymer gel.

Designed by UK Podiatrists to alleviate pain and discomfort for common foot & ankle conditions

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PediGel Products

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Medical grade polymer gel is proven to effectively absorb micro-shocks, reduce pressure and prevent friction.

The PediGel range integrates polymer gel with anatomically designed podiatry products to offer an easy to use solution for a wide variety of ailments.

The PediGel products serve to keep you active and improve the quality of everyday life.

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Designed by leading UK Podiatrists

Gel zones contour to anatomical structures 


Non-slip to prevent rubbing against skin


Accommodated in most footwear


Podiatry Product Range


A pair of 5 layer heel elevators offering an adjustable heel raise from a maximum 15mm down to 3mm.


Ideal for leg discrepancy, achilles tendonitis, calf tightness & height gain.


An adjustable foot strap & reusable gel pad anatomically designed to provide hot & cold therapy for feet.


Offers relief from tired feet, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, shin splints & bunion pain.


A lightweight & low profile thermoplastic bunion correction night splint intended for use whilst sleeping.


Designed to maintain correct big toe alignment & relieve hallux valgus.



Unique orthotic insoles designed for children's feet.


Recognised as a leading functional orthosis in the treatment of paediatric lower limb conditions.


Podiatrist designed spiked foot massaging roller offering enhanced sole stimulation to target tired feet, sore heels, aching arches & plantar fasciitis.


Set of 5 colour coded 250mm therapy bands each offering a different level of stretch resistance.


Developed for lower limb rehabilitation, specifically targeting the foot & ankle.


The Manufacturer

Redefining foot health since 2001

ACE Feet In Motion are a market leading UK based podiatry company specialising in gait analysis, chiropody services and orthotic manufacture. 


ACE benefits from a multi-disciplinary team of Healthcare Professionals which has enabled numerous collaborations with national sports teams and high-profile global brands. 


Through years of clinical experience, ACE have been able to develop a professional range of podiatry products including the innovative PediSpiker®, which are all now available to the public.

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Distributed by: Orthotix, Unit 1, Sanatorium Road, Canton, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom CF11 8DG

PediGel is a registered trademark - Trademark No: UK00003375611

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